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Premier Indents

 At Bench Industries we are a Dealer for Premier Indents and the other equipment from Premier. When looking for a length separation Premier Indents have been a qaulity machine for numerous years. 

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There are a variety of options that you can choose from.Premier Grain’s Length Graders utilize a 23 inch diameter high density hardened cyclinder.

 Material is fed into a rotating cylinder, all material shorter in length. Than the indent pocket is lifted into a conveyor trough that runs through the center of the cylinder and is discharged out of the end. Material that is not lifted is conveyed out along the bottom of the cylinder to the discharge outlet at the same end.

The size of the indents in the cylinder determines the length of the material that will fit inside.  Indent sizes are given in a numerical value and are stamped on the outside of each cylinder on the intake end usually near the long seam. The higher the numerical value, the larger the indent or pocket size.

Indented cylinders are designed to lift material the size of the pocket and smaller. The rotation of the cylinder at speeds between 46-50 rpm causes the material that fits inside the pocket to be lifted up by centrifugal force until gravity takes over and causes the lifted product to drop into the central trough.  The angle of the trough can be changed to catch more or less of the lifted product called "liftings".  Material that is not lifted and continues through the machine will discharge out of the "tailings" spout. Material at this point is kept separate thus providing two length separations.