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Manufactured in Great Falls, Montana. Bench Industries has the knowledge and experience to assist you with all of your grain and seed cleaning needs. We have a wide variety of grain and seed cleaning machines, color sorters, vibratory separators, mobile and mini seed and grain cleaning solutions.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality grain and seed cleaners. Our machines are built to your specifications and we base our grain and seed cleaners off of your samples. This allows us to meet your grain and seed cleaning specifications under any conditions. Our mobile and mini seed and grain cleaners are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Please contact us or call for more information.

Bench Industries' Air Screen Machine, Grain/Seed Cleaners are very economical and easy to maintain. We offer a variety of machines, including three different size Air Screen Machines to choose from and our basic units have the same heavy duty construction as our larger units. Maintenance on our equipment is simple. Screens can be replaced easily for different types of cleaning and Modules for air separation metering feed and additional screen areas available.

Portable and stationary units are available with a variety of options and configurations. We also build custom grain and seed cleaning solutions based off your specific needs.

Portable Air Screen Machine

Modular Air Screen Machine

  • Low cost initial investment.
  • All Steel Fabrication
  • Counterbalance 
  • Basic units have the same heavy duty construction as the larger units.
  • Very economical maintenance.
  • Screens can be replaced easily for different types of cleaning.
  • Modules for air separation metering feed and additional screen area available.

Mid-Size Grain and Seed Cleaner


Bench Industries' Mid-Range Air Grain / Seed Cleaner is an affordable mid-size solution with industrial quality. Our Mid-Range Air Screen Grain and Seed Cleaners are a low cost initial investment for your grain and seed cleaning needs. Our basic units have the same heavy duty construction as the larger units and are very low maintenance. Screens can be easily replaced for different types of product cleaning. They feature modules for air separation, metering feed and additional area. We have many custom options available including cleaned product shoots, dust solutions, intake hopper extensions, scalper feeders, and additional product screens.

Mid Size Grain / Seed Cleaner

Mid Size Grain / Seed Cleaner

  • Gentle vibratory feeder for zero crop damage.
  • Aggressive design enables handling of rough materials.
  • All standard bearings and replacement parts.
  • Large air settling chambers for even and accurate air separation.
  • Low HP requirements, 1 HP on machine and 3 HP on fan.
  • Large selection of screens available, from 27 square feet of screen area. Available in all steel construction.
  • Two air separations.
  • Screening collection spout.
  • 110 or 220 volts.


Mini Air Screen Machine

  • Low cost initial investment.
  • Basic units have the same heavy duty construction as the larger units.
  • Screens are easily replaceable for different types of cleaning.
  • Shoes can be replaced easily for different types of cleaning.
  • Modules for air separation metering feed and additional screen area available.


Mobile Screen grain and seed cleaners are unmatched for quality and performance. They're easily set-up and you can clean at any bin site. If your looking for a high capacity unit, our mobile grain screeners can deliver up to 1,000 b.u. per hour sizing malting barley and up to 1,500 b.u. on removal of dockage. 

Our mobile grain and seed cleaners come in a variety of sizes, capacity and screening options. 

mobile seed cleaner, grain cleaner

Mobile Grain and Seed Cleaners


  • Fast setup time
  • Clean at any bin site
  • High capacity
  • Low H.P. under 5 H.P.
  • Ball cleaning/screens stay clean
  • Very large screen area
  • Counterbalanced smooth operation
  • Variable pitch, shake, and speed.


Take a look at our color sorting machine. It is all the newest in technologies with a very good design and workmanship.
This is the highest throughput machine on the market. It can be added to a variety of custom grain and seed cleaners we have to offer.

grain cleaning, seed cleaning

Owner Brian with one of our Color Sorters

.For more information about the Color Sorter, click here.


grain cleaner, seed cleaner

Debearder / Rethrasher



  • Removal of barley beards for seeds.
  • Dehulling product.
  • Improve test weight.
  • Clipping oats for horse oat market.
  • Remove white caps from seed wheat.
  • Polish grains.
  • Useful in native seeds and grasses


grain cleaner, seed cleaner

Vibratory Grain Seed Separator


  • Gentle handling of grain products.
  • Low H.P. requirements.
  • Variable grain/seed separations - scalp, sift or both.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Several products can be conveyed with the same drive.
  • Counterbalance available for unstable areas.
  • Wide range of products, separation and capacity.
  • Virtually any design and capability is attainable.


grain storage, seed storage, meridian grain bin, hopper

Meridian Grain Bins


  • All welded, smooth-wall construction
  • HSS (Hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
  • Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder
  • 25" top opening
  • Vented Top Lid - Spring loaded and ground operated
  • Minimum 40° bottom cone and 35° roof cone
  • 24" clearance under the slide gate
Electronic Bagging Scale

Electronic Bagging Scale


Here at Bench Industries we are a dealer for Taylor Products. Taylor Products, has provided the Agricultural Industry with dependable, cost efficient solutions to bagging feed, seed and fertilizer since 1969. Hundreds of applications worldwide attest to their common sense approach to packaging. Their reputation of long lasting, trouble-free operation coupled with their outstanding service and parts department keeps your profits up and downtime to a minimum.

Click on the link above to learn more about some of their products. 


batco auger

Batco Auger


Specialty crops, seed and some commodities are very susceptible to impact damage caused by conventional grain handling systems. A Batco Belt Conveyor minimizes impact damage and helps protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.

Batco's unique design requires half the horsepower of screw augers, saving energy and freeing up larger tractors for other uses.

All Batco Conveyors are designed and built for high-capacity and performance at a maximum operating angle of 30°. Capacity increases as the angle of elevation decreases. (See specifications for model performance ratings.)


We Stock a number of North American Electric Products ranging from Motors, Controls, and Shaft Mount Reducers. Our machines are powered the North American Electric Motors. 

The products range now includes NEMA Premium Efficient, Three Phase, TEFC, AC General Purpose Motors from 1/3HP up to 600HP and Single Phase, AC General Purpose Motors from 1/3 HP to 10 HP ect..

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