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Mid-Range Air Screen Grain Cleaner

Mid-size machine with industrial quality

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Bench Industries' Mid-Range Air Screen Grain and Seed Cleaners are a low cost initial investment for your grain and seed cleaning needs. Our basic unites have the same heavy duty construction as the larger units and are very low maintenance. Screens can be easily replaced for different types of product cleaning. They feature modules for air separation, metering feed and additional area. We have many custom options available including cleaned product shoots, dust solutions, intake hopper extensions, scalper feeders, and additional product screens.


  • Gentle vibratory feeder for zero crop damage.
  • Aggressive design enables handling of rough materials.
  • All standard bearings and replacement parts.
  • Large air settling chambers for even and accurate air separation.
  • Low HP requirements, 1 HP on machine and 3 HP on fan.
  • Large selection of screens available, from 27 square feet of screen area. Available in all steel construction.
  • Two air separations.
  • Screening collection spout.
  • 110 or 220 volts.

Model 236542A

Mid Size Grain / Seed Cleaner

Mid Size Grain / Seed Cleaner

Flow Diagram

Mid Range Air Screen Grain Cleaner / Seed Cleaner

Mid-Range Air Screen Flow Diagram


 Pre-Cleaning Capacity                    500 Bu
Seed Cleaning Capacity                  200 Bu
   Screen Area                                       27 Sq Ft.

Power Requirements

 Fan                                                       3 HP
Shoe                                                      1 HP
Air Volume                     up to 5000 CFM
Shipping Weight                           1780 lbs


Capacities will vary on type of product and foreign material to be removed.

Mid-Range Air Screen Grain Cleaner / Seed Cleaner
Mid-Range Size

Mid Range Air Screen Machine Double Shoe



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