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Used Grain Cleaning and Seed Cleaning Equipment

  Listed below are just a few of the items used Grain Cleaning and Seed Cleaning equipment that Bench Industries has for sale. If you're looking for a certain grain cleaning machine or would like more information about our used grain cleaning equipment, please give us a call at 406-727-6514, toll free at 1-800-977-6514 or click the "Contact" button above.

NEW Portable Grain Cleaner

Price : Call For Price

Complete with Debearder, Air Screen machine, 6 pack of Indents, cyclones, etc..

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  • Josh Johnson

    What does a machine like this cost?

    Chris Schroeder

    How much does a portable grain cleaner like this cost? And how many bushels of wheat an hour does it clean?

    Hunter Rodin

    Cost and how many bushels can it clean per hour?